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Jen Cecil

Director of Data Analytics and Project Management

Jen is a Six Sigma Belt, PMI certified project manager, trainer, researcher, and self-professed data-lover, as well as a proud former bureaucrat with more than 10 years of experience in municipal government management and leadership. She holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from University of Michigan with an emphasis in econometrics and program evaluation along with certificates in Public Finance from the University of Chicago, Applied Data Analysis from MIT, and Managing Complex Projects from UC Berkeley.

Jen served the City of New Orleans as the Director of its One Stop, which included departments responsible for Permitting, Inspections, City Planning, Licensing, Special Events, Historic Districts, and 11 other reviewing agencies for 7 years.

Prior to developing and directing the One Stop, Jen served as a Capital Budget Director until 2013. Working in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Jen formulated and drafted the City’s Capital Budget Book and related ordinances to fund a $600Million rebuilding program. She developed tracking systems responsive to the FEMA Project Worksheet process and leveraged bond, CDBG, grant, and state revolving funds to maximize the number of projects funded and managed under the Landrieu Administration.

The hardest job with the highest level responsibility Jen has ever held was as a Louisiana public elementary school teacher for 4 years.

Jen has led several projects including municipal knowledge base development, restructuring and redesign of web content, UI/UX testing, zoning map digitization, land management and application software implementations, custom applications for elected officials.

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